Patrick Schrijvers


Knowledge for Climate was a Dutch research programme in the field of climate change and adaptation. The programme ran from 2007 till end December 2014. Partners in the foundation, that ran the programme, were Wageningen UR, Utrecht University, the VU University Amsterdam, TU Delft, KNMI, TNO and Deltares. Have a look at all publications,

Research was carried out to eight themes, among others flood risk management, climate proof cities, governance and policy tools. Also scientists studied together with stakeholders various subjects in so called hotspots, such as Rotterdam, Schiphol airport, the big rivers, and shallow lakes and peat meadow areas. Characteristic for the programme was that the research has been demand driven and much effort has been put into knowledge transfer. A lot of the knowledge developed has therefore already been applied in practice. Read the final report of the Knowledge for Climate Programme 2008-2014 (pdf).
This research programme is co-financed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.



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