Dr. Wolter Jager

Assistant Professor

His field is functional photoactive organic molecules and his research focusses on the design, synthesis and characterization of functional organic molecules and materials for advanced energy applications. Within the Faculty of Applied Sciences his main collaborators are Ferdinand Grozema, on photoactive molecules and materials, and Erik Kelder on electroactive organic materials

Academic background

Wolter Jager was trained as an organic chemist at the Rijks Universiteit Groningen, where he obtained his PhD in 1994 with a thesis on Chiroptical Molecular Switches (Profs B. L. Feringa and E. W. Meijer). After a Postdoctoral stay at the Center for Photochemical Sciences at the Bowling Green State University (Prof D. C. Neckers), he went to the TU Delft as a KNAW fellow in 1997 to continue his research to Fluorescent Probes for Polymer Characterisation. His recent work focusses on the synthesis and structure-property relations of rylene dyes , with applications for organic batteries and artificial photosynthesis in mind.


Perylene Chemistry
Artificial Photosynthesis
Organic Battery Materials