Transport Phenomena

The Transport Phenomena group studies the transport of mass, momentum and heat in physical and (electro)chemical processes related to advanced materials processing, energy conversion and storage, and health. Our main interest is in transport around (solid-fluid, liquid-gas, liquid-liquid, membrane-fluid and electrically charged) interfaces, which we wish to understand, control and enhance.

We enjoy performing fundamental research to gain a deep understanding of the underlying phenomena, while at the same time we find it important to apply our knowledge to real-life applications.We use both theoretical and computational models, and non-intrusive experiments based on laser and X-ray techniques.

TP Seminar/Lunch Schedule

27.02.2020 - Lars Larsen
05.03.2020 - Nikola Mirkov
19.03.2020 - Sid Mukherjee




April 2020:
The PhD candidates Nathalie Lighart and Jorrit Bleeker, and the Postdoc Matthäa Holland-Cunz are joining our group. 

Join our virtual coffee break at 15:00 on Fridays:
Meeting ID: 188 375 393 

February 2020:
Dr Valeria Garbin is the recipient of the 2020 Soft Matter Lectureship. This annual award was established in 2009 to honour an early-stage career scientist (within 12 years of PhD) who has made a significant contribution to the soft matter field. 

January 2020:
We are starting 2020 with presentations and posters at Physics@Veldhoven:

  • Hydrodynamics-mass transfer interplay in a bubble column: bubble size distribution effects (Manas, Debasish and Luis)
  • Numerical simulation of liquid melt flows in controlled continuous casting (Artem and Sasa)
  • Interaction between rarefied sonic metal vapor plumes (Elin, Sasa, and Chris)
  • Blood flow patterns in the patient-specific left ventricle model with dynamic valves (Fei)
  • Acoustic excitation of small bubbles in yield-stress fluids (Brice and Valeria)

December 2019:
TP group alumnus Bouke Kaaks wins MSc thesis award from Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN).
The MSc Thesis of Mr Bouke Kaaks, entitled "Numerical Investigation of Low-Prandtl Triple Jets" supervised by MSc Edoardo Cascioli (PhD candidate) and Assoc. Prof Dr. Sasa Kenjeres received the best MSc thesis award in the field of nuclear engineering in 2019 by the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN) in Mol, Belgium. The results are of great importance in developing the 4th generation of liquid-metal cooled nuclear reactors.

We congratulate Siddhartha Mukherjee to obtaining his PhD with cum laude.




Recent Publications

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