I have a background in physics and received a PhD in France on polymer gels using small-angle neutron scattering. After a few years at Ecole de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris as a CNRS fellow, I moved to the Laboratoire des Fluides Complexes, in Strasbourg. I am in Delft since 2003 where I hold an Associate Professor position.


The Department of Chemical Engineering that has a strong focus on energy and health. My research on "Functional Soft Matter" is of  fundamental nature and focus on the use of soft matter as unique systems that are able to exert "active or passive" functions such as transporting hydrogen atoms in a fuel cell membrane (passive) or a soft gel that deforms strongly in the presence of an electric or magnetic field (active). In recent years my interest in health related problems as well as actuation in confined geometries has increased considerably and at present I run research projects on the interface of Soft Matter and living cells such  and gel actuation for cardio-vascular applications.

Dr. E. Mendes