Mudde group

Research interests

We focus on multiphase reactors, like bubble columns, gassed-stirred tanks and fludiized beds. They have their opaque nature in common, meaning that experiments based on visible light and lasers is of limited use. We use therefor Xrays and radio-active particles to study the flow and mixing in these reactors.

CFD is another tool we use to understand these reactors better. As our topic of study is industrial reactors, due to their scale the flow will virtually always be turbulent.Both Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrangian simulations are performed.

Using experiments and simulations we address scale-up / scale-down issues and try to understand how to improve the efficiency and selectivity of the processes.


Classical Mechanics & Special Relativity
1st year BSc Applied Physics
3rd quarter

Transport Phenomena
2nd year BSc Molecular Science & Technology
2nd quarter




Prof.dr. R.F. Mudde