Pulsed laser facilities


Six laser facilities are available to study the photogeneration and dynamics of excitons and charge carriers in thin films, layers or solutions of nanomaterials.

Pump-laser pulses from 50 fs to 3 ns are available in the range 266-2400 nm (3 mJ/pulse at 800 nm) with repetition rate up from 1 kHz up to 80 MHz. Time-resolved probing on a 50 fs - 1 ms timescale is possible by measuring optical absorption or bleach in the range 266-2400 nm, and by microwave (10 GHz) or terahertz (0.2-2.5 THz) conductivity measurements.

Time-resolved (2 ps - 1 ms) photoluminescence can be detected with a streak camera operating in the range 350-900 nm.

Several cryostats cooling to 77 K or 4 K are available.


The femtosecond (Coherent-Libra) laser system with tunable optical pump and terahertz detection.