Dr. Jannika Lauth


Research Interests


  • Colloidal synthesis and characterization of ultrathin 2D semiconductor crystals for energy conversion applications (e.g. photodetectors, transistors and thermoelectrics)

  • Investigation of charge-carrier dynamics in ultrathin 2D semiconductors by ultrafast transient absorption and terahertz spectroscopy


Synthetically confining semiconductor materials to zero dimensions (10-9 m) has made a large quantity of nanocrystal systems with valuable size-dependent properties (e.g. tunable band gap) accessible for (opto-)electronics.

Only recently, a new class of materials has moved into focus: Two-dimensional semiconductors that reach lateral dimensions of up to several hundreds of micrometers, but have a thickness of only a few nanometers. Their large lateral dimension can lead to efficient charge carrier delocalization and hence transport over the x- and y-direction oft the material, while the strucures still exhibit desired size-quantization in thickness (z-direction). Confining the structures in their thickness leads to physical

My goal is to tailor the synthesis of ultrathin 2D semiconductors and characterize and understand their optoelectronic properties by ultrafast spectroscopy, as well as advancing their application for ultrathin electronics.




The project is funded by and implemented in close collaboration with Toyota Motor Europe.


If you are interested in carrying out your Master or Bachelor project around colloidal two-dimensional crystals, just send me an Email or stop by for a chat.

Dr. Jannika Lauth