Dr. Sachin Kinge

Sachin Kinge is part-time visiting scientist with interests in understanding fundamental properties of nanomaterials. He focuses on material synthesis methods, electron/phonon transport properties and prototype optoelectronic devices. He is advanced technology manager at Toyota Motor Europe (Zaventem, Belgium) where he works on functional materials and quantum effects.  The goal is to provide breakthrough solutions for sustainable energy, future smart society and mobility.

He is involved in advanced research through open innovation programs globally. He establishes structures for industry-academic partnership and external funding processes with involvement of Toyota. He has in-depth experience with advanced technology intellectual property portfolio management.


Technologies of interest include: flexible electronics, photovoltaics, sensors, battery/supercap/hydrogen generation/storage, thermoelectrics,  catalysis, magnetic materials, artificial intelligence and quantum computing.


 Selected publications




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Magnetic materials, spintronics

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Optoelectronic materials- PV, Sensors, Thermoelectrics,

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Dr. Sachin S. Kinge

Dr. Sachin Kinge