Prashant Bhaskar, MSc



I received my integrated BS-MS degree from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune (IISER-Pune) in April, 2014. I started my PhD research in the optoelectronic materials group under the supervision of prof. dr. Laurens D.A. Siebbeles in November 2014. My research aim is to study “Ultrafast spectroscopy on charges and trions in nanowires and nanosheets”.     

The major focus of my research is to study the charge carrier mobility and their recombination dynamics in one-dimensional (nanorods or nanowires) and two-dimensional (nanosheets) systems, as illustrated in Figure 1a. These studied are carried out by using pulsed-radiolysis time-resolved microwave conductivity (PR-TRMC) technique, where excess charge carriers are generated within the samples using 3 MeV pulsed electron beams from a van de Graaff accelerator and their decay dynamics are probed using microwaves (in Ka-band, 27-38 GHz), as illustrated in Figure 1b.








Figure 1. Illustrative diagram of charges and trions in 1D (nanorods or nanowires) and 2D (nanosheets) systems (a). Illustrative diagram of a PR-TRMC technique (b).  







Prashant Bhaskar, MSc