Wybe Roodhuyzen



As research assistant I am responsible for maintaining two high-energy electron accelerator facilities. Firstly, a van der Graaff accelerator that delivers 3 MeV electron pulses with duration from 200 ps up to 250 ns. It can also be used in continuous operation. Secondly, the Advanced Pulsed Picosecond Electron Accelerator Laboratory with an RF-gun based accelerator delivering 3.0-4.5 MeV electron pulses, which are as short as a few ps.

Both accelerators are used for research new materials for (opto)electronic applications such as solar cells, LEDs, transistors and nanoelectronics.

In addition to that, the van der Graaff accelerator for testing satellite and space materials by simulating the effects of cosmic radiation via continuous irradiation with electrons.

I am also involved in maintaining the Time Resolved Microwave Conductivity (TRMC) detection set-up and different smaller projects within the group.



Ing. Wybe Roodhuyzen