Imphys & Society

Physics-based imaging principles have been pivotal in many scientific discoveries throughout the last centuries and will continue to do in the next decades and perhaps for centuries to come. Ground breaking instruments and imaging technologies have turned the invisible into the visible, thereby opening new worlds of science. Society also relies on breakthroughs in imaging to fuel innovations leading to economic growth and increase of welfare. Specifically, the advances in imaging physics have played a crucial role in understanding the molecular pathways of disease.

The field of microscopy is flourishing as never before. Today’s healthcare depends on medical imaging modalities for diagnosis and treatment of many diseases such cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Future innovations require quantitative biomarkers for clinical decision support and disease management. We are still far away from understanding the brain mechanisms for learning, memorising and reasoning. We know very little about both brain development and its decline. Advances in digital imaging technologies have rapidly changed our society into a digital society. Imaging technologies are at the basis of present and next generations of semiconductor manufacturing systems, whose products have changed our society over the past decade.

ImPhys is involved in several projects to promote physics in a broad way.

  • Within Europe (H2020) we promote photonics and light based technologies, such as PHABLABS (to support the next revolution in digitalisation), and Photonics4all to promote photonics to young people, entrepreneurs and general public.
  • We are organisor and distributor of the Photonics Explorer Kit, a demonstration optics kit providing High Schools with modern optical experiments.
  • We completed the e-course on plastic photovoltaics including lectures given by some of our staff. The course is free and can be reached here.
  • We give public lectures (e.g. Proton therapy), contribute to public exhibitions and demonstrations (Science musea, Christmas fair)
  • We inititiated the “Women in Photonics in NL” network. This network aims to help young women to pursue a career in photonics (education, research or industry)


Example of Phablabs 4.0 project event by Aurèle Adam and team.