The Department of Imaging Physics is one of the six Departments of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Is was established in 2002 and has a research and support staff of about 120 people. The research staff consists of tenured and tenure-track assistant professors, associate professors and full professors (Principle Investigators PI’s), postdocs and PhD students. We also host guest researchers from (inter)national universities and industry. The support staff consists of research technicians and management support all with their own discipline.

There are part-time appointments of leading scientists from industry, academic medical centres and institutes, so we have an extensive collaboration with industry, medical centres, TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and our start-up companies such as MAPPER, DELMIC and Delft Inversion.

The Department is led by the Departmental Chair, Sjoerd Stallinga.

Daily Board

Sjoerd Stallinga chairs the department’s daily board who meets once every two weeks. This Daily Board is responsible for the final decision-making on strategic, scientific and organisation matters. Members of the DB are:

  • Sjoerd Stallinga (Chair);

  • Jacob Hoogenboom, Silvania Pereira, Martin Verweij, Frans Vos (PI’s); 

  • Nicolette Meerstadt (Department Executive Officer);  

  • Joyce Alexander (HR Officer); 

  • Karin Mol (Financial Officer) 

Faculty Meeting

The Faculty Meeting consists of all Principal Investigators (PIs) – meets every 6 weeks and advises the Daily Board on scientific, educational and strategic matters.