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25 September 2020

Willem van Valenberg successfully defended his PhD thesis

On September 18th, 2020 Willem van Valenberg successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Methods for Multi-Parametric Quantitative MRI".

23 September 2020

Leon van der Graaff successfully defended his PhD thesis

On September 9th, 2020 Leon van der Graaff successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Multi-modal Whole Slide Imaging".

16 September 2020

Qingru Li joined ImPhys as a PhD student

Qingru Li joined our group as PhD student on September 1st. She will be working on the project 4Pi single molecule localization microscopy, under the supervision of Prof. Bernd Rieger.

15 September 2020

Coherent Fourier scatterometry reveals nerve fiber crossings in the brain

In January, Miriam Menzel visited the optics group to work on an experiment to measure scattering patterns in monkey and human brain tissue using coherent Fourier scatterometry. By transmitting a non-focused laser beam through unstained histological brain sections, the scattering patterns for small tissue regions (with diameters of 0.1–1 mm) were obtained. These patterns show accordance with the simulated scattering patterns. In this way we showed that is possible to reveal individual fiber orientations for up to three crossing nerve fiber bundles, with crossing angles down to 25°.

07 September 2020

Unique coherent Soft X-Ray source arrives in Delft

A unique Soft X-Ray source was recently installed at the Optics Research Group of the department of Imaging Physics. This source will play a key role within the LINX-consortium, which TU Delft leads. The aim of this consortium is to generate new techniques to image extremely small features in 3D, for example on next generation computer chips.

12 August 2020

Konstantine Cheishvili joins ImPhys as PhD student

Konstantine Cheishvili joned ImPhys per August 1, 2020. He will be working on the project NanoRheoOCT. His supervisor is Jeroen Kalkman.

03 August 2020

Siamak Abolhassani joined ImPhys as PhD student

Siamak Abolhassani joined ImPhys per July 16th, 2020. During his PhD, he is going to address the well-known cycle skipping problem in conventional FWI through hybridizing Joint Migration Inversion (JMI) and FWI techniques under the supervision of Dr. Eric Verschuur.

31 July 2020

Iman Esmael Zadeh has been invited by Prof. Harry Awater of Caltech to give a talk at the ACS Photonics Global Webinar

Dr. Iman Esmael Zadeh, postdoc in the Optics Group, has been invited by Prof. Harry Awater of Caltech to give a talk on Wednesday 5 August in the ACS Photonics Global Webinar about his recent paper.

31 July 2020

Paper "Efficient Single-Photon Detection with 7.7 ps Time Resolution for Photon-Correlation Measurements" published in ACS Photonics

Iman Zadeh (1st author), Jin Chang (PhD student), Jereon Swens (bachelor student), Yuri Staaden (stagiaire) and Silvania Pereira in collaboration with KTH (Sweden), Tianjin University (China) and Single Quantum have published an article on the development and applications of very efficient single photon detectors with 7.7. ps time resolution.

28 July 2020

Online course: Pre-university Pysics

On August 3rd, 2020 the new online course “Pre-university Physics” will start. The instructors Jeroen Kalkman, Liedewij Laan, Sander Otte and Timon Idema will guide prospective students into the academic approach of physics. The course consists of three modules: mechanics, electricity & magnetism, and waves.

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