12 January 2018

New project Omar El Gawhary granted: EMPIR project BeCOMe

BeCOMe (Beyond Classical Optical Metrology) is a three-year project which aims at developing the next generation of optics-based dimensional metrology systems.

08 January 2018

Publication team Fellipe Peternella, Boling Ouyang, Roland Horsten and Jacob Caro in Optics Express

The ImPhys team with Fellipe Peternella, Boling Ouyang, Roland Horsten and Jacob Caro, together with the Dutch company Technobis tft-fos, published an interrogation procedure of a ring-resonator ultrasound sensor in Optics Express.

08 December 2017

Really cheap 3D echo imaging

A plastic cap with a pattern of pinpricks. This seemingly simple adjustment means that high-quality 3D echoes can be produced much cheaper. Researchers from Erasmus MC and TU Delft published their findings in the journal Science Advances on Friday 8 December.

06 December 2017

Frans Vos, Lucas van Vliet and their team published two papers on AIF

Frans Vos, Lucas van Vliet and their team published two papers on estimating the arterial input function (AIF) from dynamic MRI data in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

06 December 2017

Publication Niels Noordzij, Kees Hagen and team in Science Advances

Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding (origami), researchers at TU Delft are developing an alternative to 3D printing that allows the final products to have many more functionalities than what is possible with 3D printing. Those additional functionalities could, for instance, be used in medical implants or devices incorporating flexible electronics. In their publication in Science Advances on Wednesday November 29th, the scientists have successfully applied their technique to lattice structures.

28 November 2017

Halah Abdulrahman Alasmri will join our group as PhD

Halah Abdulrahman Alasmri will start per 1 December. She will do her PhD research in the context of the Delphi consortium. Her supervisor is Eric Verschuur.

23 November 2017

NIH has extended running grant Bernd Rieger by two years

The American Institute of Health (NIH) has extended a running grant by two years in the amount of 660.000 dollars for a collaboration between Dr. Bernd Rieger of the Department of Imaging Physics and the University of Massachusetts at Worcester to create "4D Nucleome Imaging Tools”.

21 November 2017

Paul Urbach and Wim Coene to lead major new public-private research programme on lensless imaging

A major new research programme will shortly be launched within the context of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) funding instrument 'Perspective for the Top Sectors'. Professors Paul Urbach and Wim Coene are to play a leading role in this project on lensless imaging.

15 November 2017

Cedric Kok started his BSc project

On November 13th Cedric Kok started his BSc project on: 'Localization microscopy by refitting with experimental point spread functions'. His supervisor is Sjoerd Stallinga.

08 November 2017

Correlating 3D light to 3D electron microscopy for systems biology

Elizabeth and Jacob, together with Lucy Collinson from the Francis Crick Institute in London, share their opinion on the potential of three-dimensional microscopy for imaging behaviour and development in biological systems.