Modelling of nonlinear elastodynamic waves, with application to material characterization and non-destructive testing

In this project we propose to develop an accurate numerical tool for the simulation of nonlinear elastic waves, and the validation of this tool by comparison of measurement data.  

Simulation of ultrasound fields can be based on several numerical principles. A straightforward way is to take the the differentiations by finite differences, and to numerically solve the resulting discrete system of equations. Usually, these Finite Difference (FD) methods employ equal spatial step sizes in each of the coordinate directions, i.e. a uniform discretization of space. To accurately discretize objects with an intricate shape or a small size, a dense uniform grid is required throughout the entire computational domain. This leads to an inefficient and memory-demanding way of computing the wave field

The PhD Elango Selvam will be mainly working at the Acoustical Wavefield Imaging section of the Delft University of Technology, under the supervision of M.D. Verweij. The practical aspects will be stationed at TNO. The project will be fully paid by sponsoring parties TNO and Applus RTD.

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