Dry Etch

To find the recipe for a material X in a system Y, click on the appropiate cross point, or click on a system name for a list of all the recipes on that machine.




Leybold Fluor RIE

GIR 300 Chlorine RIE

AMS 100 Bosch

AMS 100 Cryo

Oxford ICP 180

 Silicon (Si)





 Poly silicon (Si)





 Silicon oxide (SiO2)





 Silicon oxide (SiO2) (alternative)




 Silicon nitride (SiNx





 Silicon Germanium (Si-Ge alloy)





 Germanium (Ge) (sputtered)





 Aluminium (Al)





Aluminium Oxide

 Titanium (Ti) (sputtered)




 Tungsten (W) (sputtered)





 Tungsten (W) (evaporated)





 Tantalum (Ta)










 PMMA (organic mask)