PhD theses

Dissertations from the RST department from 2017:



A. Kiecana, 25-9-2023

Magnetic phase transitions and magnetic structures in Mn-based compounds

Q. Shen, 21-9-2023

Tuning Magnetoelastic Transitions in Mn2Sb-based amd Fe2Hf-based Magnetocaloric Materials

L. van Koppen, 13-9-2023

Towards Stable Cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts

C. Belloni, 12-6-2023

Improving iron oxide-based adsorbents for phosphate recovery from surface water, using mössbauer spectroscopy as main analytical tool

E. van der Maas, 16-5-2023

Halide solid electrolytes: From structure to properties

O. Pastor Serrano, 01-05-2023

Artificial Intelligence in Radiotherapy Probabilistic Deep Learning for Dose Prediction

M.I. Ariëns, 27-01-2023

Probing the hyperfine structure of Fe-based water-gas shift catalysts




D. Chaykina, 23-11-2022

Chasing H− in Rare-earth Metal Oxyhydride Thin Films

C. Ma, 20-10-2022

Application of Metal-organic Frameworks in the production of radionuclides

T.K. Schwietert, 10-10-2022

Understanding solid-state batteries. The route to stability

F. Zhang, 19-9-2022

Tuning Giant Magnetocaloric Materials. A Study of (Mn,Fe)2(P,Si) and NiCoMnTi Heusler Alloys

Y. Fu, 15-9-2022

Self healing in Fe-based systems: from model alloys to designed steels

I. Batashev, 31-5-2022

Rational approches to the design of magnetocaloric materials pdf

Z. Liu, 14-3-2022

Purifying Radionuclides with Microfluidic Technology for Medical Purpose. Simulating Multiphase Flows Inside a Microfluidic Channel with Phase Field Method 

A. Hennink, 22-2-22

Low-Mach Number Flow and the Discontinuous Galerkin Method pdf

R.P. Fauzia, 25-1-2022

Two-Step Radionuclide Tumor Targeting through Bioorthogonal Mechanism using SPIONs pdf




G. Borghi, 22-12-2021

From detectors towards systems: enabling clinical TOF-PET with monolithic scintillators pdf

S. Mastromarino, 08-12-2021

New measurement mehtods and physico-chemical prope 

M. Plokker, 01-12-2021

Unfolding the Excited States Dynamics of Tm2+-doped Halides - In Prospect of Novel Luminescence Solar Concentrators pdf

H. Liu, 19-11-2021

Application of poly(e-caprolactone-b-ethylene oxide) micelles combined with ionizing radiation in cancer treatment

J. Ocádiz Flores, 12-11-2021

Molten Salt Reactor Chemistry. Structure and Equilibria pdf

Y. Chen, 14-7-2021

Image acquisition and attenuation map estimation for multi-pinhole clinical SPECT pdf

M. Phuong Nguyen, 23-6-2021

Development of high-resolution ex vivo single-photon and position emission tomography pdf

C. Wang, 2-6-2021

Towards High Energy Density Anode-less Lithium Metal Batteries

V. Arszelewska, 24-3-2021

Electrochemical stability of next generation lithium batteries (file embargo until 2022-03-02)

P. Gonugunta, 12-02-2021

Role of carboxylate deposition on the deactivation of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts (file embargo until 2021-08-12)



E.P.J.M. Merkx, 14-12-2020 

Luminous Glass: A Study on the Optics Governing Luminescent Solar Concentrators and Optimization of Luminescent Materials through Combinatorial pdf

X. You, 11-11-2020 

Design of efficient Magnetocaloric materials for energy conversion pdf

F.S.S. Alsayyari, 6-10-2020

Adaptive Data-Driven Reduced-Order Modelling Techniques for Nuclear Reactor Analysis, pdf

T. Lyu, 9-9-2020

Rational Design of Afterglow and and Storage Phosphors, pdf

A.M.M.G. Theulings, 29-09-2020

Optimisation of photon detector tynode membranes using electron-matter scattering simulations, pdf

 M. Tiberga, 24-08-2020

Development of a high-fidelity multi-physics simulation tool for liquid-fuel fast nuclear reactors  (pdf)

S.O.Valu, 9-6-2020

Thermodynamic properties of the actinide oxides solid solutions, pdf

B. Wang, 19-05-2020

Multi-pinhole Molecular Breast Tomosynthesis: from Simulation to Prototype, pdf

J.L.T.M. Moret, 18-05-2020

Novel approaches to produce radionuclides using hot atom chemistry principles, pdf

F. Bertocchi, 27-01-2020

On Coherent Structures, Flow-Induced Vibrations, and Migratory Flow in Liquid Metal Nuclear Reactors pdf

B. Tian, 27-01-2020

Structure and dynamics of fibrous calcium caseinate gels studied by neutron scattering pdf




Evgenii Velichko, 16-10-2019

Small-angle scattering by cellulose. Structural changes in cellulosic materials und chemical and mechanical treatments pdf

Zhaolong Li, 23-09-2019

Mechanistic Insight into Next Generation Batteries. The Story of Li-oxygen and Zn-aqueous Batteries pdf

Veronika W. Wolszczak, 19-09-2019

Into darkness: From high density quenching to near-infrared scintillators pdf

Thomas W. Verhallen, 10-07-2019

Neutron Depth Profiling; Following the Lithium Distribution in Rechargeable Batteries pdf

Lars Bannenberg, 29-04-2019

Skyrmions and spirals in cubic chiral magnets pdf

Niek de Klerk, 31-01-2019

Simulations of electrode & solid electrolyte materials pdf

Hai-Xing Fang, 10-01-2019

Solid state phase transformations in steels: a neutron and synchrotron radiation study pdf

Wenqin Shi, 8-01-2019

Positron annihilation studies on thin film solar cells: CdSe and PbSe quantum dot thin films and Cu(Inl-xGax)Se2 layered systems pdf



Matteo Gamarino, 20-11-2018

Modal Methods for Rehomogenization of Nodal Cross Sections in Nuclear Reactor Core Analysis pdf

P. Cakir, 23-10-2018

Redox Behaviour of Model Systems for Spent Nuclear Fuel Surfaces  pdf

Vasileiadis, Alexandros, 27-09-2018

Modeling Electrode Materials. Bridging Nanoscale to Mesoscale pdf

Raijmakers, Luc, 24-09-2018

Sensorless Temperature Measurements for Advanced Battery Management Systems pdf

Kouwenberg, Jasper, 05-07-2018

Fluorescent Nuclear track Detectors for Alpha Particle Measurement pdf

Roosmalen, Jarno van, 03-07-2018

Modelling, Simulation, and Optimization of Molecular Breast Tomosynthesis pdf

Versteylen, Casper, 22-06-2018

Modelling self-healing creep steels pdf

Kruijff, Robin de, 02-03-2018

Alpha Radionuclide Therapy Using Polymeric Nanocarriers. Solution to the Recoil Problem? pdf

Valentina Valori, 08-01-2018

Rayleigh-Benard convection of a supercritial fluid: PIV and heat transfer study pdf




Henriques Vieira, Bruno, 16-11-2017

Biomonitor-Reflection of Large-Distance Air Mass Transported Trace Elements pdf

Luo, Hongde, 19-10-2017

Charge Carrier Trapping Processes and Deliberate Design of Afterglow Phosphors pdf

Cambraia Lopes Ferreira da Silva, Patricia, 16-10-2017 

Time-resolved imaging of secondary gamma ray emissions for in vivo monitoring of proton therapy: methodological and experimental feastibility studies pdf

Yu, Chuang, 05-10-2017

Probing Li-ion transport in Sulfide-based solid-state batteries pdf

Awater, Roy, 02-10-2017

Exploring next-generation scintillation materials pdf

Boeije, Maurits, 03-07-2017

Electron density studies on magnetic systems pdf

Qian, Fengjiao,  11-06-2017

Static and Dynamic properties of Cubic Chiral Magnets pdf

Nguyên, Thang, 15-05-2017

Influence of compositions and size on the giant magnetocaloric effect in (Mn,Fe)2(P,Si)-based compounds pdf

Ivashchenko, Oleksandra, 24-01-2017

Development and applications of high-performance small-animal SPECT pdf

Yao, TianTian, 16-01-2017

3D Radiation Dosimetry Using a Radio-Fluorogenic gel pdf