Prof. dr. H. Th. Wolterbeek


  • Enhancing radioisotope specific activity by Szilard Chalmers reaction
  • Memitox: Metal Mixure Toxicity. Behaviour and toxicity of metal mixtures. Expression of impact by general metal properties.
  • Free Ion Selective Radiotracer Extraction.
  • 137Cs-haemodialysis:137Cs-dialysis to increas clearing of internal body 137Cs, sorption of dialysed 137Cs to Cs-specific sorber materials.Production of carrier-free radionuclides3Binding
  • (Bis)phosphate complexes for treatment of bone metastases  
  • Toxicity of mixtures of metals 
  • Kinetic stability of Pt-complex-DNA adducts
  • Stability kinetics on ML, MHL and MH2L complexes of 177Lu-DOTA-octreotate 

Prof.dr. H. Th. Wolterbeek

Full Professor of Radiochemistry