Nanoparticles for image-guided thermo-brachytherapy

Our project “Nanoparticles for image-guided thermo-brachytherapy” is focused on the development of a novel treatment for early diagnosed breast cancer based on the synergistic effect of thermal ablation and brachytherapy. The treatment is based on nanotechnology that implicates implantation of multi-functional hybrid nanoparticles inside the body. These nanoparticles can ensure thermal ablation, brachytherapy and real-time visualisation via MRI, therefore leading to a superior cancer therapy with minimal side effects and excellent cosmetic results.

As it is an extremely multidisciplinary project, the opportunities of working with us are very diverse. Therefore, if you have an interest in organic chemistry, nanotechnology, physical properties of nanoparticles, surface functionalisation, radiotherapy,  MRI visualization or biological assays, contact us for more details.

If you are interested in a project on this topic please contact: Kristina Djanashvili at