Prof. dr. Freek J. Beekman

Prof. Freek Beekman is head of the section Biomedical Imaging at Delft University of Technology. He (co-)authored ~165 peer reviewed journal papers, several book chapters and is the inventor of more than 20 patent families. He was presented with many awards for his scientific contributions and innovations in biomedical imaging. His research interests include development of detectors, improved image reconstruction algorithms for PET, SPECT and X-ray CT, the development of hybrid photonic imaging devices and AI applied to nuclear imaging. Freek is a board member of Biomedical Engineering and IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging. Freek won with the NWO  Physics Valorization Prize, the Innovation of the Year Award by the World Molecular Imaging Society (in 2015 for ultra-high resolution clinical SPECT, and in 2018 for Broadband Photonic Tomography. In 2017 he was presented the Edward Hoffman Memorial Award and in 2021 the Bruce Hasegawa Memorial Award. Freek is the founder of MILabs BV ( that develops and markets high performance images systems and served as MILabs CEO from 2006 to 2021 when he successfully sold MILabs to Rigaku in Japan. Today the systems that are developed by Freek and his teams at TU Delft and MILabs are in use in many premier biomedical research institutions worldwide including academic institutions and the largest blue chip pharma companies. These systems have resulted in many interesting discoveries and support development of new tracers and pharmaceuticals.

Selected publications  

  • A scanning focus nuclear microscope with multi-pinhole collimation. M.P. Nguyen, M Arif, B Oostenrijk, M C Goorden, F J Beekman. Phys. Med.BIol. 2023

  • Glymphatic-enhanced brain delivery of nanoparticles: A new therapeutic approach T.O. Lilius, K. Nygaard Mortensen, C. Devile, T. J. Lohela, F. F. Stæger, B. Sigurdsson, E. M. Fiordaliso, M. Rosenholm, C. Kamphuis, F. J. Beekman, A. I. Jensen, M. Nedergaard, J. Controlled Release, 2023

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  • Convolutional neural network based attenuation correction for 123I-FP-CIT SPECT with focused striatum imaging. Y. Chen, M.C. Goorden and F.J. Beekman, Phys . Med. Biol, 2021

  • Topographic features of nano-pores within the osteochondral interface and their effects on transport properties –a 3D imaging and modeling study. B. Pouran, A. Raoof, D.A. M. de Winter, V. Arbabi, R.L.A.W Bleys, F.J. Beekman, A.A. Zadpoor, J. Malda, H. Weinans, Journal of Biomechanics, 2021

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  • Automatic attenuation map estimation from SPECT data only for brain perfusion scans using convolutional neural networks, Y. Chen, M.C. Goorden, F.J. Beekman, Phys Med. Biol. 2021

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  • Characterization of a multi-pinhole molecular breast tomosynthesis scanner" by B. Wang,  J van Roosmalen, R. Kreuger, J. Huizenga, F.J. Beekman, M.C. Goorden, Phys Med. Biol. 2020

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  • Optimized sampling for high resolution multi-pinhole brain SPECT with stationary detectors.

  • Chen Y, Goorden MC, Vastenhouw B, Beekman FJ. Phys Med Biol. 2020

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