Neutrons for Energy

European Spallation Source Science Symposia:

The rapidly growing energy demand, depleting resources of easily recoverable fossil resources, and the impact of emissions on climate call for the realization of a sustainable energy supply. Because modern society cannot function without intensive energy use the realization of a large scale sustainable energy supply is one of the major challenges society faces in the 21st century. The devices and applications that need to be realized for a sustainable energy society often rely on advanced functional materials.

The European Spallation Source (ESS) will be the strongest neutron source for research on the physics, chemistry of these new sustainable energy materials. The ESS will provide unprecedented capabilities for examining materials properties under real conditions in situ.

Neutrons for Energy , September 17 -19, 2012, Delft

The symposium will bring together experts in renewable energy materials and in neutron scattering. The main focus will be on (lithium) battery materials, materials for the hydrogen economy (storage and fuel cells), and heat storage materials (phase change, magneto caloric), i.e. research area’s where neutrons provide particularly strong analysis techniques. The aim of the symposium is:

  • that energy specialists will learn about state of the art and new possibilities at neutron sources and the ESS in particular
  • neutron scattering scientists will learn about the frontiers of energy storage materials and their needs for equipment and sources, and possible desirable combinations of experiments in the beam
  • the future power of ESS will for the first time enable rapid experiments on small samples in situ. New science will become accessible related to kinetics of reactions and off-equilibrium effects; it will be explored in which energy storage related area’s such kinetic effects are becoming accessible using ESS.