Minor Communication Design for Innovation

  • Coordination of the minor
  • Giving the social media part of the Masterclass course SL4171TU- Science journalism and social media in the minor CDI.
  • This masterclass is an interactive course focusing on the basics of Science journalism and the use of social media in science communication. After finishing this course the students should be able to reproduce the basic principles of science journalism, apply some of these concepts to write an effective executive summary for their report, and should be able to identify the possible social media channels that could be used to present their executive summary.
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Science Education and Communication MSc tracks

  • Giving the course SL3111 Research Methods in Social Sciences part 1 for both Science Education and Communication master students.
    This course teaches you how to set up a social scientific research project. The content of the course covers qualitative and quantitative research methods, including e.g. interviews, surveys and observation techniques. During the lectures, we will discuss the implementation of such relevant social scientific research methods in practical research studies within the SEC (Science Education & Communication) department. In collaboration with the SEC staff, you will work in groups to write a research proposal for a research project that contributes to actual, on-going SEC research themes.
  • Giving the course SL3531 Research Methods in Social Sciences part 2 for the Science Communication master students.
    This course offers you the opportunity to apply all concepts and knowledge learned in Research Methods in Social Sciences part 1 course ( SL3111) to plan and execute research with emphasis on a realistic science communication problem. Through a group-based learning process, supervised by your lecturer, you will go through all the stages of a qualitative (or a quantitative) research process. Special attention will be given to data collection, analysis and reporting.
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