Steven Flipse

Interaction design for responsible innovation

Within the broader domain of ‘communication design for innovation’, Steven’s research agenda focusses on interaction design for responsible innovation management. Responsible innovation is not an easy concept to implement in science and engineering practice. From a wider European policy perspective, responsible innovation asks researchers to (1) anticipate the possible outcomes of their research, (2) include the viewpoints of a wide range of academic and non-academic stakeholders, (3) reflect on the socio-ethical and socio-economic context in which they work, and (4) actively take insights based on these three actions into consideration in their current and future innovation activities. 

Responsible innovation in practice

Steven’s research focusses on the possibility and utility for scientists to functionally fulfil these responsible innovation requirements, in a way that supports (and not hampers) on-going academic work. In his research, the possible positive contribution of RI to on-going research work is not taken for granted, but is the object of study. In other words, he explores the actual practical opportunities, sense and nonsense of responsible innovation in relation to innovation work. 

Communication and collaboration design

All four dimensions of responsible innovation require that innovation is not done in isolation. The key angle of approach in Steven’s research lies in communication and collaboration: how can scientists and engineers approach and collaborate with other actors, in a functional way, thereby also functionally shaping responsible innovation practices, and, also, responsible outcomes? Steven Flipse

Assistant Professor Science Communication