National Centre for Radiation Protection Courses

National Centre for Radiation Protection Courses

The National Centre for Radiation Protection (Dutch abbreviation NCSV) is the radiation protection knowledge centre of Delft University of Technology. The centre is part of the Reactor Instituut Delft, that shares the building with the scientific department Radiation Science and Technology (RST) within the faculty of Applied Sciences, the largest knowledge institute in the field of radiation and radioactivity in the Netherlands. The NCSV comprises the Education departement, with training centres in the Reactor Instituut Delft and on university campus De Uithof in Utrecht, and the TU Delft Radiation Protection Service (Dutch abbreviation SBD). We offer education and training, advice and consultancy in radiation protection, both as (academic) education for students and as training courses for companies and the government.  

Reactor Institute Delft

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