Algemene Bepalingen

The following topics are laid down in the 'general terms and conditions':

  • enrolment
  • invitation and course materials
  • payment
  • cancellation
  • practica
  • exam
  • loss of diploma/certificate

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We devote a lot of attention to the quality of our courses. To improve our courses we ask our students to fill out a course evaluation form and/or an exam evaluation form.

If you experience(d) any problems, or if you are dissatisfied, we welcome your comments or concerns gladly. If you do this in a timely manner, we can even help you during the course perhaps.


If you have a complaint you want officially treated, contact us.



mw. Tineke van Leest-Lips
(T: 015-27.83764)

Department head

<p><a href="">hr. Marcel Schouwenburg</a><br />(T: 015-27.86575)</p>



mw. Catalina Peeters
(T: 030-253.2713)

Department head

dr. Frans Wiersma
(T: 030-253.2713)

In case we are unable to come to an accord, we refer you to article 20 and 21 in the Dutch  'Reglement opleidingen stralingsbescherming Technische Universiteit Delft - algemene bepalingen'.