Custom-made courses Health Physics, Ionising Radiation and Safety

NCSV can organise a course or instruction for your group, tailor-made to your wishes and demands. Theory classes can be held at your location, practicals can only be organised at our training centers in Delft or Utrecht.

We organize both academic classes for universities and colleges, but also specified Health Physics courses for several types of radiological work and exposures. The course levels, contents and duration can be modified by mutual agreement. Some examples of our offered courses are listed below. Contact us for other possibilities.

Radio-isotope techniques

This course is a curricular subject for the Higher Laboratory Education. We organise all practical work and part of the theory classes. The basic theory is studied at school, the practical work at the Reactor Institute. A similar course is organised for technical schools as well.

Health Physics for Medical Electrical Engineers

In cooperation with the INTOP institute, the NCSV organises courses Health Physics for Medical Electric Engineers. The practical part of the course is focused on working with (medical) X-ray equipment and held in our training center in Delft. The theory is presented by INTOP.

Health Physics custom-made

Next to our standard Health Physics courses, NCSV can offer you special custom-made courses in the different expert levels of radiation protection. Following your request, we can organise a complete course, or only the practical part, in Dutch or English. We can organise the theoretical part of each course on your location as well, so the participants only have to travel to Delft or Utrecht for one or two practical days. All course materials and education is available in English. For several clients we include some work specific subjects in the courses, next to the official requirements for the expert levels indicated by the government.

Recently, tailor-made courses were organised for a.o. OPCW, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trespa PV, RIVM, and Intervet International (Schering-Plough). We also cooperate with other education centres by offering our radionuclide laboratories and, if necessary, our help with the practical work assignments. Inquire for the possibilities.

More information

For more information and specific questions and possibilities, please contact our course coordinator in Delft, Mr. Marcel Schouwenburg, tel.: +31 (0)15 2786575, e-mail: