OYSTER milestones


December 2018: CNS-Utility building almost finished

The CNS-Utility building is almost finished. The time-lapse video shows the construction from the first pile. The building, including equipment, will cool the cold source, which will be installed at the reactor core in Q1 2021. At an extremely low temperature of -250°C, it is easier for scientists to 'steer' these 'cold' neutrons to achieve even better research results. The potential for radiation-related scientific research and innovation in the fields of health, renewable energy and materials will be significantly improved and expanded. Its broad scope ranges from medical isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, batteries and solar cells to better steels.

With the OYSTER-programme (Optimized Yield - for Science, Technology & Education - of Radiation) RID can continue to meet fundamental research questions from the market and the scientific community in the field of health, sustainable energy and material research. Since the start of OYSTER, we have realised a number of unique, new instruments which are attracting a lot of attention. With the neutron diffractometer PEARL, scientists from the Netherlands and abroad can carry out energy research into, for example, hydrogen storage and new battery materials. In addition, the flexible irradiation facility for new production routes for medical isotopes has been taken into use.

To the time-lapse video (2 min.) of the construction of the CNS-Utility building.