PEARL is a new neutron powder diffractometer at the Reactor Institute Delft.The unique PEARL measuring instrument improves the energy materials research at TU Delft. PEARL is a unique instrument in the Netherlands and is also open to researchers outside TU Delft.


PEARL is pre-eminently suitable for accurately locating lithium in batteries. The atomic resolution of PEARL can be used for storage materials for hydrogen and ammonia, and magnetocaloric material for energy conversion. Neutron diffraction is an important technique for studying the atomic structure deep underneath the surface of materials and is very sensitive to elements such as hydrogen and lithium in energy materials. The technique is also suited to fields of research such as zeolites, thermoelectrics and ferroelectrics, and fixed material solar cells.

World-class instrument
Due to a new smart design, PEARL can be compared to the best neutron powder diffractometers in the world, even those with a neutron source that is ten times as powerful. The performance of the instrument was tested with new battery and magnetocaloric materials from TU Delft, new catalysts from TU Eindhoven, and thermoelectrics from the University of Groningen.

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PEARL was realised within the OYSTER programme (Optimised Yield – for Science, Technology & Education – of Radiation), for which TU Delft received a grant from the Dutch government in 2012.