TU Delft Reactor Institute

Reactor Institute Delft (RID) together with the department Radiation, Science & Technology (RST) has been the Dutch knowledge center for radiation-related research and education for 60 years. With our knowledge and expertise we play an important role in fundamental and applied scientific research.

Research energy, materials and health
The research is in various fields, such as sustainable energy, materials and health, both nationally and internationally. You can for instance think of research in the field of solar cells and batteries and medical isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Nuclear reactor and facilities
The RID operates a unique research facility: the HOR nuclear reactor. This is a small pool-type research reactor (2 MW). The reactor is not built to produce electrical power, but is a source of neutrons and positrons for research purposes. In addition, we have radiochemical laboratories. The RID is an expert in safe handling of radiation. Through consultations and courses at all levels we share this knowledge.

Investment in nuclear knowledge infrastructure is necessary to maintain the leading position in the unique Dutch nuclear and radiation ecosystem
TU Delft has presented an integrated vision of the Netherlands' global position in the nuclear and radiation ecosystem. This ecosystem is a major and crucial contribution to the energy transition, effective healthcare and materials transition. Read more in this news article.

Research Methods