The mark for the internship is awarded by the company supervisor and TU examiner. The mark is based on a series of criteria (see grading scheme), including an individual report, explaining the internship project, approach and outcome.

The final mark is build up by 2/3 mark of the company supervisor and 1/3 mark of the TU supervisor.

Two weeks  before the end of the internship the supervisors will receive a link to the Industrial Internship assessment form. The assessment by the company supervisor usually takes place during the last week of the internship period at the company.  It is important that all criteria on the assessment form are assessed and any additional feedback is indicated in the remarks section, so the TU examiner and Exam Committee can understand how the mark was established. After finalizing the assessment form, please make sure to print, sign, scan and email the form to both TU Delft examiner and Internship Office TNW.

The assessment by the TU examiner will take place in a separate meeting with the student, within two weeks after the internship has been finalized. After finalizing the assessment form, the TU supervisor needs to submit the form at the Internship Office TNW.

The mark will be registered after the assessment forms have been submitted by the company supervisor and TU Delft examiner and the student has submitted the scientific internship report and experience report.