Admission and application

The programme welcomes applications from well-qualified students who have successfully completed 5 years of university training (MSc, ir., drs.). Applicants should preferably have a MSc degree in:  1. Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering, 2. Materials Engineering, 3. Nano Engineering, 4. Applied Mechanical Engineering with a specialization related to chemical engineering, 5. Other with equal merit, within the discretion of the Selection Committee. Furthermore, we expect a demonstrated interest in product design and development, sense of application of technology in industry, and an interdisciplinary attitude. After a positive outcome of the strict selection procedure you are hired as a salaried employee of Delft University of Technology.

The application deadline for submitting your documents:

September intake

  • 1 April for Non-Europeans
  • 1 June for Europeans

February intake

  • 1 September for Non-Europeans
  • 1 November for Europeans

Please allow at least two months (or three months for non-EU-citizens) for the application, preferably more:

  • Letter of Motivation in which you express your motivation for the traineeship in Chemical Product Design and for design in general (not more than 1 page A4) 
  • Curriculum Vitae (not more than 2 pages A4)
  • Master's and Bachelor's degrees transcripts including grades obtained (plus a scale that indicates the maximum, minimum and passing grades)
  • Copies of Master's and Bachelor's degrees
  • A copy of your passport
  • Two reference letters from supervisors of recent (research) projects or (scientific) work.
  • Please note that PDEng applicants are required to provide evidence of proficiency in the English language. The applicant must submit a TOEFL-score of 100 (or higher) or IELTS-score with a minimum of 7.0  in each of the four sections. Please note that the TOEFL MyBest scores will not be accepted. Certificates should not be older than two years. Applicants whose native language is English or hold a degree from an institution in an English speaking country where English is the language of instruction, are exempted. Nationals from the USA, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are exempted too. 

Renée Aggenbach

Course Coordinator

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