Programme & Industry

The first year of the programme consists of coursework and a ‘Group Design Project’ (GDP), while the second year is devoted to the ‘Individual Design Project’ (IDP) in (collaboration with) industry.

First year

The course programme is custom-designed to each student and thus differs from trainee to trainee depending on background and interest. Some parts are compulsory, however, as all disciplines must be sufficiently represented. Courses are organised by different institutions, such as TU Delft and the University of Leiden. Also, the Graduate School on Process Technology (OSPT) and Biotech Delft run courses aimed explicitly at PDEng, PhD or professional level.

Mandatory courses are Advanced Principles in Product and Process Design; Individual Design Project; Fermentation Technology & Environmental Biotechnology; Group Design Project; Microbial Physiology; Project Management and Techno-Economic Evaluation for Design Engineers.

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Group Design Project

Obtain the essentials of engineering design, while working in a team with other postgraduate students.

Second year

During the second year, students complete an industrial Individual Design Project. During this, the students implement and integrate skills and knowledge obtained during their first-year engineering and science courses with additional courses on project management and economics. This project is usually performed in the research and development department of an industry or as a developer in a smaller industry. It may be providing a solution for a specific problem, but it may also regard the whole design process, from idea to feasibility.


Our interaction with industry is essential. The programme prepares trainees for an industrial career, and usually half of the traineeship is spent working in industry or on an industry-related project. Our organisation has an industrial advisory board, and the design projects and our graduates are highly respected by industries in the Netherlands and abroad.

More detailed information on industries that collaborate with TU Delft and the PDEng programme can be found here for industries who are interested in a collaboration with TU Delft and the PDEng programme.

Career opportunities

As a qualified designer in bioprocess engineering, you have many career opportunities in the Dutch and foreign bioprocess industry. The industry highly appreciates the PDEng-holders in Bioprocess Engineering, and most of our trainees find a position before they graduate.