Admission requirements

The post-M.Sc. Designer Programme "Process and Equipment Design" enrolment is limited to 12 EngD trainees per year. Therefore the selection procedure is severe. The applicants must have above average ratings and must be highly motivated to ensure completion of the traineeship within two years. The programme welcomes applications from well-qualified students who have successfully completed 5 years of university training (M.Sc., Ir., Drs.). Graduates with diverse backgrounds are admitted:

  • Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering
  • Applied Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization related to chemical engineering, such as Industrial Process Equipment and Energy Systems
  • Applied Earth Sciences, with specialization Raw Material Processing or Petroleum Engineering
  • Physical Technology
  • Other, with equal merit, within the discretion of the Selection Committee
  • Please note that EngD applicants are required to provide evidence of proficiency in the English language. The applicant must submit a TOEFL-score of 100 (or higher) or IELTS-score with a minimum of 7.0  in each of the four sections. Please note that the TOEFL MyBest scores will not be accepted. Certificates should not be older than two years. Applicants whose native language is English or hold a degree from an institution in an English speaking country where English is the language of instruction, are exempted. Nationals from the USA, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are exempted too.

In principle all courses are taught in English. But foreign course members who would like to learn the Dutch language can follow intensive Dutch courses for foreign students at the Delft University of Technology.

Selection Committee

All applications are judged by the Selection Committee.


The Selection Committee judges the incoming applications by the criteria mentioned under Admission requirements. When a first evaluation turns out positive, the applicant is invited for an interview to ascertain suitability for the course. Prior to this interview the Selection Committee sometimes will request further written information or additional references. The official regulation concerning the admission procedures can be obtained upon request.

All candidates admitted to the course will be appointed as salaried post-MSc university trainee (EngD trainee) for a period of two years.

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