The following PDEng trainees are enrolled in the Process and Equipment Design Programme (March 2018).

Villalobos Martinez C.D. (Carlos Daniel)MSc. 1st
Srivastava T. (Tanya)MSc. 1st
Songur E. (Efe)MSc. 1st
Charakleias, E. (Eleftherios)MSc. 1st
Casal Valls, O. (Oriol)MSc. 1st
Lücking L.E. (Leonie Elisabeth)MSc. 1st
Valecha, R. (Rahul)MSc. 1st
Suarez Oqendo, H.L. (Hector Luis)MSc. 1st
Elbassyouni, K.A.M.I.  (Khaled)MSc. 1st
Dikic, V. (Vladimir)MSc. 1st
Nicolaou,  P.  (Panayiotis)MSc. 1st
Ahmed, M.O.T.M. (Mohamed)MSc. 1st
Jimenez Toro M.J. (Maria)MSc. 1st
Chatta, S.N. (Sai Nitya)MSc. 2nd
Sangamesh Venkatesan V. (Vignesh)MSc. 2nd
Raza, S.A. (Amin)MSc. 2nd
Jadhav, A.V. (Amol)MSc. 2nd
Caparros Salvador F.  (Francisco)MSc. 2nd
Luciani, T. (Tommaso)MSc. 2nd
Ahmadzadeh, A. (Amin)MSc. 2nd
Krishnamurthy, E. (Easwaran)MSc. 2nd
Sandoval Rivera, R. (Rod)MSc. 2nd

The Process and Equipment Design programme is supervised by a management board with members from various Faculties/Departments: Faculty of Applied Sciences - Departments of Chemical Engineering (ChemE), Biotechnology (BT), Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE) - Department of Process & Energy, and the Faculty of Technology Policy & Management (TPM) - Department of Eneryg & Industry. The Faculty of Applied Sciences (TNW) is the principal faculty for this programme.

Management Assistant: Mrs. A.G.N. (Ank) Wisgerhof

Responsible for supervising the activities:
Members: E.J.R. Sudhölter  

 Applied Sciences - Chemical Engineering, chairman H.L.M. Bakker

 Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering

 Ir.drs. G. Bierman PDEng

 Applied Sciences - Chemical Engineering, secretary

 Prof.dr. ir. P.M. Herder

 Technology Policy & Management, Energy & Industry

 Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn

 Applied Sciences - Chemical Engineering A.I. Stankiewicz

 Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering

 Ir. P.L.J. Swinkels

 Applied Sciences - Chemical Engineering M.T. Kreutzer

 Applied Science - Chemical Engineering L.A.M. van der Wielen

 Applied Sciences - Biotechnology

Responsible for managing the daily affairs
Members: A.B. (Andre) de Haan

Scientific Director

Ir. P.L.J. (Pieter) Swinkels

MSc. M. (Mahsa) Hajivandi

Managing Director

Course Coordinator

Ir. drs. G. (Giljam) Bierman PDEng

Project Manager/Process Designer

Dr. Ir. L.D.M. (Lucas) van den Brekel

Project Manager/Process Designer

A.G.N. (Ank) Wisgerhof



Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn                         


Ir.drs. G. Bierman PDEng


Prof.dr. E.J.R. Sudhölter


Ir. P.L.J. Swinkels A.B. de Haan

Prof.dr. J.H. van Esch