The Process and Equipment Design programme is supervised by a management board with members from various Faculties/Departments: Faculty of Applied Sciences - Departments of Chemical Engineering (ChemE), Biotechnology (BT), Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE) - Department of Process & Energy, and the Faculty of Technology Policy & Management (TPM) - Department of Eneryg & Industry. The Faculty of Applied Sciences (TNW) is the principal faculty for this programme.

Management Assistant: Mrs. A.G.N. (Ank) Wisgerhof

Responsible for supervising the activities:
Members: E.J.R. Sudhölter  

 Applied Sciences - Chemical Engineering, chairman H.L.M. Bakker

 Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering

 Ir.drs. G. Bierman PDEng

 Applied Sciences - Chemical Engineering, secretary

 Prof.dr. ir. P.M. Herder

 Technology Policy & Management, Energy & Industry

 Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn

 Applied Sciences - Chemical Engineering A.I. Stankiewicz

 Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering

 Ir. P.L.J. Swinkels

 Applied Sciences - Chemical Engineering M.T. Kreutzer

 Applied Science - Chemical Engineering L.A.M. van der Wielen

 Applied Sciences - Biotechnology

Responsible for managing the daily affairs
Members: A.B. (Andre) de Haan

Scientific Director

Ir. P.L.J. (Pieter) Swinkels

MSc. M. (Mahsa) Hajivandi

Managing Director

Course Coordinator

Ir.drs. G. (Giljam) Bierman PDEng

Project Manager/Process Designer E.H.P. (Eric-Hans) Wolff

Project Manager/Process Designer

A.G.N. (Ank) Wisgerhof



Prof.dr. J.H. van Esch                 


Ir.drs. G. Bierman PDEng


Prof.dr. J.H. van Esch

Member A.B. de HaanMember G.M.H. MeestersMember
Prof.dr. E.J.R. SudhölterMember
Ir. P.L.J. SwinkelsMember