At the start of the traineeship, every Engineering Doctorate (EngD) trainee drafts an individual programme and supervision plan, which depends on skills and interests. The programme consists of compulsory and elective components. Advanced MSc-level subjects are offered for trainees who need to fill any MSc-level gaps. The programme coordinator and the team of supervisors must approve this plan. The individual design project topic and the Assessment Committee will be determined during the second half of the first year.

The traineeā€™s progress and performance will be assessed after nine months. For admission to the second year, all first-year subjects must be completed. The programme coordinator and the team of supervisors perform this assessment. 

The programme takes two years (3,360 hours) and is divided into four phases.

A general description of these phases can be found here.

  1. Broadening phase (together with deepening phase: 1,100 hours)
  2. Deepening phase (together with broadening phase: 1,100 hours)
  3. Group Design Project (588 hours)
  4. Individual Design Project (1,680 hours)

All courses are taught in English.

Please read more about the PED EngD study programme.

The Regulation on Engineering Doctorate describes the general provisions, EngD programme, technological design, tasks and authority.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the Engineering Doctorate graduate receives an EngD diploma and diploma supplement. 

As previously mentioned under ā€œCertificationā€, Engineering Doctorate graduates who successfully complete this certified course are registered with the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) and awarded the Engineering Doctorate degree: EngD.