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16 July 2019

Twelve Veni awards for TU Delft researchers

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded a Veni grant worth up to 250,000 euros to twelve highly promising young scientists from TU Delft.

12 July 2019

Yeast against dementia

As our life expectancy increases, more and more people are confronted with different types of dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. How these brain diseases arise and develop is still unclear, complicating the search for effective treatment.

08 July 2019

Reading out qubits 100 times faster than before: new step towards the quantum computer

An operational quantum computer will require a quick, reliable and scalable read-out of the state of the qubits, the building blocks of this computer of the future.

04 July 2019

Nynke Dekker elected as member of EMBO

04 July 2019

Teachers of the Year of AS announced

21 June 2019

Spinoza Prize for Ronald Hanson, Stevin Prize for Jack Pronk

NWO announced today that TU Delft's Ronald Hanson and Jack Pronk have been awarded an NWO Spinoza Prize and an NWO Stevin Prize respectively.

20 June 2019

First-year AP students show their physics creations

The past few weeks, the first-year students of the Applied Physics bachelor degree programme at Delft University of Technology have been working on their final assignment for the course Design Engineering for Physicists. In groups, they created an installation that demonstrates a physical phenomenon. They will present their creation on Friday 5 July.

19 June 2019

KPN and QuTech join forces to make quantum internet a reality

KPN and QuTech signed a new cooperative agreement, to work together on making quantum internet a reality.

07 June 2019

Two AS researchers to lead new NWA programmes

Researchers Nico de Jong (Imaging Physics) and Toeno van der Sar (Quantum Nanoscience) have received funding from NWO within the National Science Agenda programme: Research on Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC). Both researchers will lead an interdisciplinary consortium that focuses on a particular scientific and societal challenge.

04 June 2019

Martin Verweij elected as Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America

The Executive Council of the Acoustical Society of America has elected Martin Verweij as Fellow for his contributions to nonlinear medical ultrasound. The prestigious Fellow title is granted by academic societies to members who have made an enduring impact on their scientific field and a significant contribution to the organization of the society.

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