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25 May 2018

e-Refinery initiative launched

On Tuesday 22 May the Process & Energy lab was filled to the brim with e-Refinery. This brand-new consortium will help to electrify and decarbonise the chemical and energy industries with its unique integrated approach, ranging from materials to processes and their upscaling.

24 May 2018

Jack Pronk receives two awards

The past weeks, Jack Pronk received two prizes. He was awarded the International Metabolic Engineering Award by the International Metabolic Engineering Society. In addition, he received the ‘Zilveren Zandloper’ (Silver Hourglass), an educational prize, during the Dutch Biotechnological Congress 2018 on 22 May.

26 April 2018

Cas3: a biological fishing rod and a shredder rolled into one

CRISPR-Cas9 has made gene editing a lot easier and will eventually help us erase hereditary diseases from our DNA.

26 April 2018

Royal honours for three TU Delft professors

TU Delft professors Isabel Arends, Jenny Dankelman and Andy van den Dobbelsteen each received a royal honour this year.

25 April 2018

Next step towards quantum network based on micromechanical beams

In recent years nanofabricated mechanical oscillators have emerged as a promising platform for quantum information applications. Quantum entanglement of engineered optomechanical resonators would offer a compelling route towards scalable quantum networks. Researchers at the TU Delft and the University of Vienna have now observed this entanglement and report their findings in this week’s edition of Nature.

20 April 2018

Researchers build DNA replication in a model synthetic cell

Researchers at Delft University of Technology, in collaboration with colleagues at the Autonomous University of Madrid, have created an artificial DNA blueprint for the replication of DNA in a cell-like structure.

19 April 2018

100,000 euros for new design course of Applied Physics

The National Governing Body for Education Research (NRO) will make available an amount of €100,000 for the new Applied Physics course ‘Design Engineering for Physicists’. The NRO has honoured an application by Prof. Chris Kleijn, Dr. Rolf Hut (CitG/TNW), Dr. Koen van Dongen (TNW) and Prof. Marc de Vries (TNW) for a Comenius Senior Fellowship.

13 April 2018

NWO grant of €17 million for the development of electron microscopy in the Netherlands

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a grant of more than 17 million euros for the further development of the Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI). The network consists of five university medical centres and eight universities, with Utrecht as the coordinating university. The grant will enable the scientists to combine various technologies in the field of electron microscopy and as a result to learn more about the composition and coherence of the biological and material micro-world.

28 March 2018

Majorana trilogy completed

Since the breakthrough discovery of the Majorana particle in 2012 in Delft, researchers faced great challenges. An international team of researchers from the Netherlands (QuTech, Microsoft and Eindhoven University of Technology) and United States (JQI Maryland, UC Santa Barbara) joined forces to understand the next steps required to improve the experiments. Now, the scientists provide a complete toolbox for the final proof of Majorana existence, paving the way towards Majorana quantum bits. They publish their work in Nature.

28 March 2018

Scientists discover function of Cas4 protein in CRISPR-Cas defence systems