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07 November 2019

Opening Industrial Catalysis Lab TU Delft

On 20 November 2019, TU Delft will open the Industrial Catalysis Lab, a new high-tech facility that makes it possible to carry out experiments under high pressure and at high temperatures. The lab forms a bridge between industry and the academic world, where experiments are usually carried out under lower pressure and at lower temperatures. In this building, researchers led by a new professor will develop innovations in the field of catalysis. Catalysis is a technology that accelerates chemical reactions and that forms the basis for many of our plastics, fuels and fertilizers.

07 November 2019

A new look for the Reactor Institute Delft

TU Delft's Reactor Institute Delft (RID) will get a new look in the form of new dome plating. As of 4 November, a scaffolding is being built around the dome for this purpose. Because of the shape of the dome, building the scaffolding is a specialist job. This will take a few weeks. It is expected that all 1,200 plates will be replaced in the second quarter of 2020.

07 November 2019

Delft iGEM students win prizes with DNA toolkit

What if we could use bacteria to break down plastic on a large scale? What if we could have bacteria produce biofuel more efficiently? Unfortunately, this is not yet possible, but on Monday a group of students from TU Delft presented a plan to change this in Boston. They won two prizes.

06 November 2019

Timon Idema: always looking for what we don't know

From the five Teachers of The Year, Timon Idema was chosen to represent the TNW faculty in the next round of the election. "I think that's an honour, it's nice to get recognition in this way. Certainly because I like education very much."

31 October 2019

Artificial cell division a step closer to reality

Researchers at TU Delft have succeeded in replicating a biological mechanism that is essential for cell division in bacteria in the lab. The research is an important step within a larger, ambitious project with the ultimate goal of creating a fully artificial cell that can sustain and divide itself. The researchers have published their findings in Nature Communications.

24 October 2019

Ferdinand Grozema: "Knowing why you learn something works"

In his courses, Teacher of the Year at AS Ferdinand Grozema (MST/CE) tries to offer as many tools for science as possible. "I'll show you what you can achieve with a basic knowledge in chemistry." He is also the founder of the course 'Scientific Writing and Argumentation'. "Because having the right facts does not yet make a text clear or readable.”

10 October 2019

Pascale Daran: "’Involve me and I learn’ is my teaching motto”

Interactive lecturing is a priority of TNW Teacher of The Year Pascale Daran (LST). She coordinates the bachelor's practical course in Biotechnology Basic Techniques and discusses scientific literature with master's students in the Metabolic Reprogramming course. "I like this form of education, students see that I do this from the heart. For me, a lecture is a success if the discussion is so animated that I could just disappear."

08 October 2019

New horizons for connecting future quantum computers into a quantum network

26 September 2019

Launch of new raw material from wastewater: Kaumera

A sustainable alternative to chemicals in seeds, granular fertilizer, concrete and paint? On 2 October 2019, water boards, science (TU Delft) and industry will present a new raw material extracted from wastewater: Kaumera Nereda® Gum. This raw material is a sustainable alternative to chemical raw materials and can be used as a smart coating for seeds and granular fertilizer, as a glue and binder and in many other ways.

26 September 2019

Martin Bruggink: "Teaching better by connecting to the student's perspective"

Teacher of the Year Martin Bruggink (SEC) is all about education. "How do you ensure that people really learn something, that's the question teacher training revolves around. I teach the TU students I am in charge of to pass on knowledge to secondary school students as well as possible. I am pleased with the appreciation for education expressed in this election, which clearly shows that you can excel in this area as well."

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