Dr. Barry Fitzgerald

Researcher at 3mE, TU Delft and Science Communicator with BW Science

Dr. Barry Fitzgerald is a superhero scientist, speaker, author, and enthusiastic science communicator. His research interests include particle processing, responsible innovation, science education, scientific outreach and communication, and superhero science. For the latter, Barry aims to identify the science and technology of today that could lead to superpowers tomorrow.  

Barry is the author of two popular science books (Secrets of Superhero Science and Secret Science of Santa Claus), editor-in-chief of the TU Delft open access journal Superhero Science and Technology, and he has published scientific papers in a number of areas such as physics, chemistry, physiology, and education.

Barry has seen the Avengers: Infinity War more than 40 times and his superpower will always remain a closely guarded secret.

Photo by Bart van Overbeeke
Fotografie (www.bvof.nl)