Esma Islamaj

Biomedical Engineer

Esma Islamaj is composed of 1 part geek, 1 part obstacle runner, 1 part enthusiasm and 1 part curiosity. During her childhood she developed a passion for mathematics and medicine, which led her to obtain a master in civil engineering- architecture with a focus on healthcare  and a second master in biomedical engineering.

Esma loves exploring the world, which is probably due to her multicultural  (Albanian and Belgian) background. She worked as an intern a couple months in Finland to simulate heart valves and spent 6 months of her studies in Germany to learn from the best. After her studies, she worked in the lab in Belgium to develop smart contact lenses.  Currently, she is pursuing a PhD at the Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute, where she is investigating the side effects of the Baerveldt glaucoma drainage device implant.