Advances in artificial intelligence and digital technologies are disrupting the financial sector. This new area of FinTech is leading to new financial solutions, products, and markets, and to a radical rethinking of the efficiency, risk, and customer-centricity of current financial services. Across TU Delft, researchers and educators in a wide variety of domains, including management, computer science, design, and mathematics, have been at the forefront of the FinTech revolution. Delft FinTech lab provides a unified front of our expertise in this area formed to help the financial industry solve the growingly complex challenges in this domain using technologies such as data integration, data intelligence, tokenisation, quantitative modelling and embodying robust and trustworthy systems.

We are your technology gateway to industrial and governmental organisations to sharpen your competitive edge and to help solve your challenges. Our 50+ researchers with expertise ranging from de-centralised systems, cybersecurity, Fraud detection, Anti money laundering, Privacy compliance and more can work with you to research on pre-competitive technologies and to help you deploy the developed solutions in your day-to-day processes. Furthermore, we also provide upskilling opportunities to the executives and professionals to bring them up-to-speed in the rapidly evolving world of FinTech. Lastly Delft FinTech strives to valorise the developed research into spin-offs and will support intrapreneurship within your corporate teams.Our partners include banks, insurance companies, payment provides, regulatory bodies, investors and other financial institutions. Contact us for further information. 

Programme Management Team

Scientific  Director

Arie van Deursen

Business Director

Venkatesh Chandrasekar

Trustworthy Financial systems

Stefan Bujisman

Quantitative Modelling

Antonis Papapantoleon

Financial data intelligence

Asterios Katsifodimos


Jérémie Decouchant