Freek Pols becomes an Education Fellow

News - 16 November 2022 - Communication ImPhys

During last education day, Freek Pols became one of the TU Delft Education Fellows: The Delft Education Fellowship recognises and appreciates the efforts of lecturers for educational innovation and boosts the impact on educational reform and development. Freek's project, entitled: The road to scientific inquiry “Transforming lab courses”, focuses on setting up collaboration between the four educational programs of our faculty with regards to the introductory lab courses.

Becoming an Education Fellow feels like a reward for transforming the first year physics lab course. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to continue the transformation of lab courses, put the knowledge gained in my research into practice.

Freek Pols

Lecturers, Assistant professors, Associate professors and Full professors can become Education Fellow when they have made a visible, substantial and valuable contribution to the education of TU Delft. A TU Delft Education Fellow is appointed for a period of two years. They receive a two-year grant of €25,000 per year for educational purposes. More information on the project will be available through this link.