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The support team of TU Delft | Global Initiative assists with research, education, capacity building and entrepreneurship in the field of global development. Want to get involved? 

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Steering Committee

The Delft Global Steering Committee is responsible for all strategic issues, all members are ambassadors of TU Delft Global Initiative.

Nick van de Giesen

Professor of Water Resources Management (chair)

Jenny Dankelman

Professor of Biomechanical Engineering

Mark van Loosdrecht

Professor of Environmental Biotechnology

Jan Carel Diehl

Assistant Professor of Design for Sustainability

Dick van Gameren

Professor of Architecture and Dwelling

Marjan Kreijns

Head of Project Management Department of the Innovation & Impact Centre

Kofi Makinwa

Professor of Electronic Instrumentation

Luuk Rietveld

Professor of Drinking Water and Urban Water Cycle Technology

Kornelis Blok Professor of Energy Systems Analysis

Claire Hallewas

Program Manager Delft Global Initiative (secretary)