Four of the GreenTU board members have their own committee to help and support them with their portfolios and to be able to make it even more possible. We have a Projects committee led by the Operations Coordinator, the Research committee led by the Secretary, the Communications and Events committee led by the Communications and Events Coordinator and the Career committee led by the Outreach Coordinator.

Project committee

Under the pillar of Operations, the GreenTU Project Committee sets up and executes projects with the goal of helping the TU Delft meet its sustainability goals. We initiate and implement different projects in the fields of food, waste, mobility, energy & buildings and the EcoCampus. Central in our approach is the active involvement and collaboration with students and staff in improving and understanding the sustainability operations on campus. 

This year, some of our projects include: reducing the amount of single-use coffee cups on campus, stimulating biodiversity, aligning green travel operations, improving waste separation, and much more. Chaired by Olivia, GreenTU’s Operations Coordinator, our committee this year consists of Myrthe, Julian, Chloé, Caroline and Neha. With different backgrounds and studies, we are a hardworking team that strives to make these projects a success and create a tangible impact. 

If you have any ideas, initiatives, or would like to know more about what we are doing, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Research committee

When working on a topic with as many multidisciplinary challenges as sustainability, finding your way around is no easy feat. The research committee aligns and integrates all sustainability-related knowledge and accomplishments, which naturally can be a challenge for an organization as large and diverse as TU Delft. Mainly, the committee writes our GreenTU sustainability report, which is updated yearly. This report details the ongoing activities of TU Delft related to sustainability, with a special focus on our own contributions and accomplishments as well as suggestions for future strategy, specific to the four pillars GreenTU targets (education, research, operations, and social engagement). 

The 2021-2022 research committee consists of six students. Although drafting the annual report is truly a team effort, tasks are generally divided per pillar, so members can work in pairs. Quan and Gaurav are responsible for the research pillar, creating a new database of all sustainability-related research groups and interviewing inspiring researchers. Laura and Pedro work on the operations pillar, building on other reports to illustrate TU Delft’s sustainability performance and how GreenTU (and others’) projects contribute to improving this performance. Aniek and Naomi gather all information for the education pillar, providing an updated overview of sustainability-related programs and courses, and in particular discussing GreenTU’s main educational initiative (the Green Thread). The social engagement pillar, as well as other chapters, contain contributions from all members. Lastly, Naomi chairs the committee, tracking progress and keeping the committee updated on the latest developments from the GreenTU board. 

Communication and events committee

Hi! We are the Communication and Event committee of GreenTU, in which we take care of most of the exposure on and offline. Next to that, we organise fun events, such as Green Xmas and the events coming up like a Funghi evening and a sustainable clothing workshop. On top of that, we will organise a Sustainable career event with the career committee, which will be a lot of fun! Our goal with the committee is to connect the sustainable practices of the TU Delft to the students and also to make students more aware of the impact they can make by individual actions or collectively. Every little step helps!

Within our committee, we have two sides, the socials and the events. Froukje and Savanne are taking care of the socials and Eva and Alice are heads of the events. Nika as chair and Titia as secretary are making sure everything is running smoothly. Would you like to come to our events or do you have a nice idea we can take into practice? Or do you maybe want to do this committee next year? Let us know, just send an email or DM us :) 

Career committee

During our life as a student, the business world can sometimes feel a bit out of reach. Especially when narrowing the scope to sustainable business. The Green TU Career Committee aims to bridge the gap between passionate students and the sustainable industry. Our network consists of interesting companies, startups, dream teams and sustainable initiatives.

We achieve this goal by organizing interesting lunch lectures and a big career event. To motivate students to pursue a career that fits within a sustainable future, we also host the social media series ‘Vacancy Friday’. Every week, vacancies for jobs, internships and graduation projects are posted to our Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Our team consists of five enthusiastic students from TU Delft; Nikhil (chair), Imran (secretary), Shloka (marketing), Aurora (logistics) and Suusje (communications), as well as one board representative from Green TU, Gillis. Together we raise awareness about the endless opportunities available to students. Doing so with a sense of inclusivity, making students of all backgrounds, studies and specific ambitions feel like they can fully realize their goals!