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Sustainability Label

With the help of the Green Office of the University of Groningen, GreenTU has introduced the Sustainability Label. This idea arose from the acknowledgement that all parties of the university need to take action to tackle the climate crisis. As associations affiliated with the university play a big part in setting an example for the students, it is important that they also strive for a more sustainable university and thus society. 

The Sustainability Label is a checklist that can be used to measure how sustainable a student organization or team is. All organizations and associations that are located in Delft and focus on students of TU Delft can participate in the Sustainability Label. 

Associations that decide to fill out the checklist and send it to GreenTU might be awarded a label in recognition of their efforts. The labels are categorized as bronze, silver and gold. If you are awarded a Sustainability Label, the logo can be put on your site for members and companies to see. In the following years, the association can further improve its sustainable practices and get a higher label. 

GreenTU Subsidy

In support of sustainable initiatives by TU Delft associations or students, GreenTU offers sustainability subsidies. The subsidies are awarded to facilitate concrete ideas that create a positive change with a high impact.