The GreenTeams are decentralized and faculty-specific sustainability teams, with the aim of making their faculty more sustainable in terms of education, operation, research and social engagement. The first GreenTeams were founded by students themselves in 2015 and 2017 on the faculties 3mE and Architecture. After these teams had shown everyone their added value, GreenTU enthusiastically started expanding the number of GreenTeams led by the GreenTeams Coordinator. This newly added function together with the expansion of the teams, supported by the executive board, started in the academic year of 2019-2020. Now, 2022, every faculty is reinforced by a GreenTeam, making a total of eight active GreenTeams. All of which are centrally supported and coordinated by GreenTU, with in specific the GreenTeams Coordinator. A more elaborate explanation on the GreenTeams can be found in this TU Delta article.

The GreenTeams have been very positively received by the faculties and the TU Delft. Each and every team member is dedicated to help their faculty become more sustainable, creating a wonderful community of passionate people. Most teams already have made an inventory report which assesses the current state of integration of sustainability into their faculty. From that strong basis the teams made recommendations leading to a well argumented and researched plan of action for the coming year(s). Find out more at the sections below!

Feel free to contact them or GreenTU for questions or advice.

GreenTeam 3mE

Green-mE is a GreenTeam active on the faculty of 3mE, it was the very first GreenTeam of the TU Delft and was set up in 2015. As in other teams, the focus of our team is divided into four pillars. Education is a foremost priority, however sustainability is a complex concept and has many dimensions. Therefore the team also pays attention to operational aspects, research and communication. Green-mE has made sustainability part of the projects in the first year of mechanical engineering. On this website a guide on sustainable design, an overview of all sustainable courses and projects at the faculty and some lectures can be found. Currently, we are working on making a new inventory report of the current status, to find out what can be improved. Feel free to contact us at with any questions or suggestions.

GreenTeam AE

The GreenTeam of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering was set up in 2020 with help from GreenTU. It aims to make the faculty and its students contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. The team is divided into the following four portfolios: Education Bachelor, Education Master, Operations, and Social Engagement. The current goals of GreenTeam AE are to bring more sustainability into the bachelor and master education, use platforms to make the entire faculty aware of sustainable events, organise sustainable oriented events and reduce the environmental impact of the faculty. Aerospace Engineering is often at the forefront of technology, and the GreenTeam strives to make this the case for sustainability as well. GreenTeam AE is working on improving these issues and more. If you have any questions or recommendations, get in touch:

GreenTeam Architecture

BKGreen is a student initiative at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Since the summer of 2018, staff members and students have joined forces in order to achieve more attention and care for sustainability at the faculty. The team not only focuses on the building's energy use and waste flows but also on education and awareness. Feel free to contact us at!

GreenTeam AS

Hi, we are the GreenTeam of Applied Sciences! Our team consists of two Applied Physics students, one Nanobiology student and one Life Science & Technology student. During our active year, we will focus on continuing the work of our predecessors. We will focus on implementing sustainability into the education of the four bachelor’s degrees that fall under the Applied Sciences faculty, strive towards improving the sustainability in building 22 and 58 and host events so students and staff can get into contact with sustainability in a variety of ways. If you are interested in our projects, want to work together, or for any other questions, feel free to send an email to!

GreenTeam CEG

The GreenTeam of the Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences focus on exploring the different shades of green in terms of Education, Operational, Research and Communications portfolio of the faculty. Starting from bolstering the blend of sustainability in the course modules and exploring the various ways to reduce the Carbon footprint of the building, to facilitating spread of more sustainable practices in the Faculty and hearing the voices of employees & students in this domain, the team is here to inventorize and act upon making the faculty more sustainable, redefining the sustainable goals of the Faculty. For any suggestions or query, you can reach us at

GreenTeam EEMCS

We are the GreenTeam EEMCS - 5 students who share a passion for sustainability. We study Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Sustainable Energy Technology. Together, we work on activities and projects to make EEMCS more sustainable in terms of education, operation, research and social engagement. Our focus this year is to create awareness about sustainability by educating and engaging the EEMCS community to work towards green research, reduce our carbon footprint and make a smooth transition to sustainable living for everyone in our faculty. We believe that every effort makes contributions to sustainability. Therefore, this year we aim to introduce concepts of sustainability in the bachelor and master education, create awareness about sustainability by engaging the community, implement measures to make the faculty green and direct dedicated research in line with TU Delft’s stance on sustainability.  

Do you have ideas about sustainability or want to collaborate with us? Get in touch with us at!

GreenTeam IDE

Hey! We are GreenTeam IDE. We have been formed in 2020 and consist of three/four students with a passion for sustainability. Last year we have written our inventory report, wherein we analysed what the faculty can do better and what is already going great. Our report is the guideline for coming GreenTeams and ourselves on what to do! We focus on the four pillars of Education, Operations, Research, and Communications. Through initiatives, campaigns, and talking to relevant parties we try to better the faculty and its parties! Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Let us know through

GreenTeam TPM

The GreenTeam TPM is working on making sustainable improvements across the faculty. We believe that students should leave our faculty as engineers with a feeling of responsibility toward our planet and the sustainable development goals. By doing an inventory of the current status, and by giving elaborate advice to a variety of staff members, we believe we can make a difference. Additionally, we have also created overviews of possible courses for the sustainable student, which can be found here and here.  On top of this, we are working on career activities and ensuring sustainability has a proper place in the curriculum. If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact us via or on Instagram @greentpm_tudelft.