At each of TU Delft's faculties, GreenTU has a team of motivated students who work for sustainability at their faculty: the GreenTeams. The GreenTeams are decentralized and faculty-specific sustainability teams, with the aim of making their faculty more sustainable in terms of education, operations, research and social engagement.

The first GreenTeams were founded at students' own initiative in 2015 and 2017. Since 2022, each of TU Delft's eight faculties has its own active GreenTeam, part both of their faculty and of GreenTU, where they are led by the board's GreenTeams Coordinator.

The GreenTeams have been very positively received by the faculties and the TU Delft. Each and every team member is dedicated to help their faculty become more sustainable, creating a wonderful community of passionate people. Be sure to use the menu or the links below to read more about each of the GreenTeams.

Want to join?

Ask your faculty's GreenTeam about the recruitment period!