GreenTeam CEG

GreenTeam CEG is the GreenTeam of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences - a team of students devoted to sustainability at their faculty. They can be reached at!

The GreenTeam CEG 22/23 comprises of 3 students working part-time on the portfolios of Education, Operations, Research and Communications. Saraf Nawar, from Applied Earth Sciences, is the current Chair and manages the Education portfolio of the faculty, ensuring that sustainability finds its grammar wherever possible within the curriculum and practices. Akhilesh Soodan, studying Environmental Engineering, is the Secretary and Research Coordinator, working towards sustainable education in the Graduate School and research labs. Karian Bruyndonckx, from Bachelors of Applied Earth Sciences, is the current PR Manager and Communications Co-ordinator of the GreenTeam, maintaining communications and collaborations with external parties, as well as leading events to get more students into the green scene.