“Practise sustainable operations on campus consistently, through connecting and collaborating with the TU community, to realise a CO2 neutral university in 2030.”

A CO2 neutral and circular university by 2030


TU Delft’s vision is a CO2-neutral campus by 2030. GreenTU will initiate, support and stimulate sustainable operations. This is done through facilitating and creating initiatives and connecting and involving various parties. We want to involve the TU community of students, staff and organisations to maintain consistency in terms of operations throughout the university!


Food consumed on campus remains one of the largest causes of CO2 emission. This emission can be reduced by promoting and facilitating initiatives such as plant-based food and reducing the waste of single-use products.

For example, GreenTU and the GreenTeams work collectively with the TU Delft caterers to offer more vegetarian/vegan options. We also work actively on implementing a system that replaces disposable coffee cups with reusable ones and to improve the waste collection in the canteens.

Did you know you can buy a TU Delft reusable cutlery set for just €2 at several canteens and the Aula? This way you can significantly reduce the amount of single-use cutlery, and it’s very practical too!



A major source of emissions is related to mobility, such as daily commutes and international flights. We aim to reduce this by facilitating attractive alternatives. Public transport or cycling are opportunities for daily commute while video conferencing and trains are options instead of short-distance flights. 

The pilots that were initiated last year will be continued and extended. This includes pilots at AE, CiTG and BK for staff business travel, focusing on travelling by train unless this is not feasible. Outside of Europe the amount of travelling will be evaluated thoroughly, for example by considering video calls as alternatives.

For students, GreenTU is working on a travel grant to stimulate sustainable travelling!


The reduction, reusing and recycling of material and waste, is an important step towards a circular campus. Pilots, in collaboration with facilities and companies, will be continued and can be extended to the rest of the campus. We strive to improve the existing facilities. 

Paper, plastic cans and drink cartons and other waste are already separated in the Aula, BK, TPM, CRE, ESA, and the Library. The successful pilot will be expanded as a long-term vision. 

Did you know that the TU Delft already recycles over 80% of its coffee cups, which are turned into toilet paper? Make sure to throw away your coffee cup in the right bins - or even better, bring your own!

Energy & Buildings

The use of energy on campus can be minimized through the use of smart systems and procurement of energy neutral buildings. We want to be a forerunner in projects and research on renewable energy. With Pulse being energy neutral and Echo being energy producing, GreenTU is involved in creating sustainable buildings but also in renovating old buildings.

GreenTU is collaborating with the TU Delft Hortus Botanicus to realise sustainable energy sources, such as pv panels.


The EcoCampus stands for improving the greenery and biodiversity on the campus to realize a healthy and sustainable environment for the TU community. We initiate community projects to collectively achieve this!

Pilot structure

Ongoing projects

Do you have any ideas or initiatives you would like to see? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you!