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On this page, you will find information about EIT Health. If you are interested in any of these calls and would like to receive more information or funding advice about a specific call, please contact Laurence Lapointe, TU Delft's Master Contact for EIT Health & EIT Health Summer Schools Activity Line Coordinator, l.lapointe@tudelft.nl


EIT Health has launched its Calls for proposals for 2021. As a core partner of EIT Health, TU Delft has full access to all calls included in their Business Plan 2021. EIT Health is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) that consists of a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the European Union. Proposals for funding from EIT Health require a strong collaboration with industry partners and partners in other EU countries.

The publication of the Calls is the beginning of a process in which EIT Health will support its Partners in developing activities that will improve the health of European citizens for its BP2021 portfolio. The timeline below lists the major steps in this process, including the Matchmaking events, which bring together Partners so they can develop collaborative project proposals. This year, EIT Health will hold three Matchmaking events, to make it easier for Partners to participate.

Expressions of Interest must be submitted by 11 December 2019 (this is a mandatory stage). Final proposals are due by  8 July 2020  at 4 pm CET (Munich time).


To learn more about the published calls and have access to all annexes, templates, etc., please log on to EIT Health Intranet Connections.
If you are interested in applying on one of the calls, please contact Laurence Lapointe at l.lapointe@tudelft.nl.
We can provide strategic support, help find the right partners within the EIT Health network and support you in developing your project.

All Calls at a glance

This call is open for proposals in three main pillars:


Innovation Projects
Maximum project duration is three years. Up to €3 million funding with a maximum of €1 million per year.
Innovation Projects address the societal challenges tackled by EIT Health. These projects bring together new partners from throughout the consortium and beyond who are now collaborating to offer better health and healthcare to European citizens. The ultimate objective of the projects should be the rapid market penetration of innovative products and services, and/or the testing and implementation of novel organisational structures and healthcare delivery processes.

  • New this year: Innovation Projects are adding new instrument, the Start-up Amplifier, which allows a defined type of external project partners to drive or be at the core of Innovation projects under specific conditions. This new instrument is optional and can be used by partners when appropriate. Another change for Innovation Projects is an improved and more comprehensive Stage 0 service, which supports applicants in preparation of Innovation Project proposals. Improvements include an enhanced role of CLC/InnoStars Staff in the process.
Campus (Education)

From €10 000 to €700 000, depending on the call.

Training for Students
These types of Campus programmes focus on stimulating students to advance their cross-discipline knowledge, skills and attitudes, so they can develop health-related innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities. For 2021, we are looking for novel proposals that help us continue to develop our strategy further within the following sections: 1. Continuing Degree Programmes, 2. Innovation Days, and 3. Summer Schools.

Training for Entrepreneurs and Innovators
In its Training for Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Campus focuses on stimulating learners to engage in the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Journey”: providing training opportunities that offer a changed mind-set, and teaching basic skills that can lead to the founding of successful businesses, investment and better outcomes in healthcare. For 2021, there will only be one dedicated call in this line, for the EIT Health Fellowship network. The goal of that call is to accelerate the expansion of our flagship fellowship training opportunities. 

Training for Healthcare Professionals & Executives
Campus Training for Professionals and Executives aims to increase the number of skilled health professionals and leading executives in healthcare, to improve the services they provide to patients and citizens, and to develop, manage and adopt healthcare innovations in their everyday work. Through this call, Campus is seeking trainings designed for upskilling the health and healthcare workforce to meet the current challenges of an ageing society, demographic changes or technological innovations due to the digital revolution.

Training for Citizens and Patients
Campus seeks to empower all citizens – including patients, their families, marginalised populations and other vulnerable groups, people at risk of specific conditions and informal care givers – to promote public awareness and understanding of health, to educate citizens and to include them in the co-creation of healthy living and active ageing. The common theme for these trainings is that they should enable a holistic citizen and patient pathway, with a strong focus on individual behavioural change, as well as changes in organisational and population health that will result in better health and care delivery and innovation uptake. 

  • New this year for Campus calls: Campus proposals will need to put even greater emphasis on certain key areas: 1) Identify Learners’ Skills and Learning Outcomes, 2) Demonstrate Proposal’s Contribution to Citizen and Patient Engagement, 3) Scalability and Knowledge Transfer: EIT Health Digital Learning Platform for Integration of Campus Digital Learning, 4) Feeding the pipeline: Building a Learner Community
Accelerator (Business creation)

INCUBATE! – Calling for New and Continuing Bootcamp Programmes as well as other Continuing Programmes
In the Accelerator INCUBATE! activity line, EIT Health Bootcamp Programmes train entrepreneurs and innovators to create robust business plans based on their business ideas, and to validate product-solution/product-market fit in intensive programmes of up to four months.

VALIDATE! (Accelerator) – Calling only for Continuing Programmes
In the Accelerator VALIDATE! activity line, a strong emphasis is placed on helping start-ups and entrepreneurs utilise opportunities within the innovation communities. We ask Accelerator activities within the Validate line with the ambition to continue activities in 2021 to apply and undergo a full evaluation procedure, just as in the previous years.

SCALE! (Accelerator) – Calling only for Continuing Programmes
In the Accelerator SCALE! activity line, there will be a major focus on developing tools and networks that can provide financing for projects and small SMEs, as well as facilitating access to potential investors, such as angel networks, corporate financers and crowd-funders.

Ecosystem (Accelerator) – Calling for New Programmes
The Accelerator Ecosystem Call is a new activity line that supports existing regional or international programmes that add value to the entrepreneurial community. These activities will not receive any funding but benefit from the EIT Health label of excellence and promotion by the EIT Health network and its channels. Interested partners may apply as a consortium and benefit from the support of all actors of the EIT Health Accelerator community. 

To ensure that the activities have maximum impact, EIT Health requires that all activities comply with one of these six Focus Areas:

The six EIT Health Focus areas are:
a full description of each focus area can be found by clicking on each title

  • BRINGING CARE HOME: From institutional delivery to health delivered at home – EIT Health will deliver optimal home-based healthcare to older citizens, and consequent financial benefits to society, by designing and demonstrating innovation in home care service and systems. 
  • HARNESSING THE POWER OF REAL WORLD DATA (RWD): From conceptual vision to tangible value – EIT Health will launch RWD initiatives that are robust, inform valid healthcare decisions and demonstrate potential to be scaled up, thereby establishing a framework for EU leadership in access and analysis of RWD. 
  • CREATING THE ENABLING ENVIRONMENT FOR HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION: From the current challenge to a sustainable future – EIT Health will deliver an organisational evolution in healthcare management, with value-based benefits for citizens and consequent financial benefits to society, by designing and demonstrating innovation in management models and aligned training. 
  • TOWARDS HEALTH CONTINUUM CARE PATHWAYS: From treatment centric limitations to the health continuum breadth – EIT Health will lead the reform of care pathways, undertaking the design and evidence-based implementation of innovative care and health delivery solutions. 
  • EMPLOYER LEADERSHIP IN IMPROVING HEALTH OUTCOMES IN THE WORKPLACE: From workplace to health place – EIT Health will deliver improved healthcare to employees, and consequent financial benefits to employers, by going beyond the traditional expectation of employer responsibility for health in the workplace. 
  • FOSTERING HEALTHY LIVES BY INTRODUCING BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE: From dealing with disease and disability to healthy lives – EIT Health will supply the tools and incentives to help citizens modify their way of life to prevent early onset of ageing, disease and disability and to profit from more years in health and wellbeing. EIT Health will focus on providing opportunities, especially to children, and other vulnerable and marginalised groups in society.


TU Delft’s Master Contact for EIT Health & EIT Health Summer Schools Activity Line Coordinator

Laurence Lapointe

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