Dr. Huang, S.

Siyuan Huang is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and a member of the Delft Institute of Positive Design. 

Academic Background

Siyuan Huang holds a PhD in Design (Cum Laude) from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Her doctoral research investigated human-product interactions from the perspective of the role of metaphors in design thinking and design expression, enabling human behavioural change. Before joining TU Delft, Siyuan studied and worked in the ComDesign Lab of Hunan University (2014-2015), the iDrive Lab of Politecnico di Milano (2015-2017), and the Virtual Prototyping, Haptics and Reverse Engineering Lab of Politecnico di Milano (2017-2019).

Currently, She is working on the 'Fundamental Needs for Human-Centred Design' project. Her research interests focus on understanding the ways in which product and service systems influence human experience, behaviour, and well-being.


  • 2017 ─ 2022
    PhD in Design (Cum Laude), Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano
  • 2014 ─ 2017
    MA in Industrial Design, School of Design, Hunan University
  • 2010 ─ 2014
    BA in Media & Digital Communication, School of Journalism and Communication, Hunan Universit


  • 2022 ─ Present
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Human-Centered Design, TU Delft
  • 2020 ─ 2021
    Researcher, Design Management Research Lab, Tsinghua University
  • 2019 ─ 2020
    Visiting Researcher, Department of Human-Centered Design, TU Delft
  • 2015 ─ 2017
    Visiting Researcher, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Coaches students on

  • Sustainable Consumer Behaviour
  • Vision in Product Design
  • Graduation Projects

Involved in the project(s)