Taco Carlier

Where do you work?

It doesn't feel like work, but if that's how people call it... I work at VANMOOF, a company which pursues only one goal: to help the ambitious city dweller worldwide move around town fast, confident and in style. With a team of four industrial designers and an enthusiastic team of sales staff we try to develop ultimate city commuter bicycles. I founded VANMOOF together with my brother. He lives in Taipei now to run our operation over there, I run the European operations. 

What have you learned from your study at IDE?

Industrial Design Engineering is a very good way for people who intend to start their own business once. Because you learn about what it's all about in the end, the products. I learned a lot about the theory of Industrial Design, but more about team work, how to build successful projects. I met the most interesting people at the faculty.