Waltman Bookstore

For over 150 years, Technical Bookstore Waltman has been in Delft. This specialist bookstore has a wide selection of technical and scientific books. The store started in Delft city centre, and in 2010 opened a new branch in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Waltman can be found right next to the main entrance of the faculty.


All study literature and materials required for the Industrial Design Engineering courses are in stock. Books not in stock can be ordered; this goes for both Dutch and foreign titles. Besides study literature, you can find other books in the field of (industrial) design and popular-scientific literature.


Waltman can also be used by employees. They may use a C5-form or an SSC-Crediteuren purchase invoice to order books and materials. Anything not in stock can be ordered, and upon arrival will be personally delivered.

More information

For any further questions, please contact 015-2787523 or send an email to waltman-io@tudelft.nl.

Opening hours

Technical Bookstore Waltman is open Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00.